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Sports are an excellent means for developing team spirit right attitude, Sports are an excellent means for developing team spirit right attitude,self-control, and acceptance of victory with humility and defeat without resentment. These qualities have value for life in general as well, yet sports can directly and definitely render invaluable help in developing personality. The school has provided the students with the finest of the equipments.

Uttam School has a mini golf course. Students are provided with equipments for a number of other sports activities like basketball, swimming, hockey, cricket, long jump, high jump, including a field for athletics, and field activities like discus, javelin, shot put. We have a lawn tennis court, a table tennis for the recreation of the students.
  • Professional coaches impart exclusive training in a wide variety of games, particularly Tennis, Golf, Billiards, Swimming and Cricket. Regular physical exercises are a part of the School Curriculum. Uttam School students have participated and won accolades, not only at the National but even at the International level.
  • The outdoor sports facilities consist of playgrounds for Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Badminton, Skating and various athletics disciplines.
  • Indoor facilities are provided for Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Billiards, with separate activity areas for Carrom, Chess etc.
  • Swimming is an important activity at Uttam School. The school has two swimming pools; one for learners and a mini Olympic sized pool for the older children. For the very young, there is a children’s play area.


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