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    Science Fest 2014
The Junior School Science Fest Sciencation 2014 was held in the school premises on the 2nd August for classes III to V. The theme for the day was Shadow Play and all the classes presented different aspects of the concept of shadow using various disciplines. The art installations using waste material arranged in a way to cast the shadow of a tree or zebra and the shadow puppets recreating the story of Cinderella were the highlights of the show. Shadow Photography and shadow writing activities were some of the most visited displays. The sundials to find time using the shadows made by the sun and the working models of the shadows formed in the sky leading to eclipses showcased the detailed study of the concept of shadow and its application.

The displays were a result of an array of activities conducted in the classes over a week understanding the concept of shadow and applying it to daily life. The efforts of the students were greatly appreciated by Director Ma am, Principal Ma am and Headmistress Ma am and they congratulated students for their exemplary work and exceptional efforts.
  2010. Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad
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