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    Project Citizen
Project Citizen is a programme which calls for getting aware , analysing and identifying grass root level issues prevailing in our society.Project Citizen is spread across the globe involving many young volunteers from various schools and colleges from all over world. Founded in U.S.A this programme is administered by the centre for Civic education in corporation with the National Conference of state legislatures . Uttam School For Girls has been actively participating since the past four years .It is an enriching opportunity for those whose interest lies in civil service. Our students have worked on issues like Women empowerment , Hindon River Project ,special education , Mid- day meals and many more .

While working on these issues students strategize their workings into four steps .They start with identifying a problem to study ,based on which they gather information, examine solutions , develop their own public policy and moving onto which they develop an action plan to show how they might influence the appropiate governmental agency to adopt their proposed policy . During their working , volunteers make it a point to pay a visit to the site, interview people or officials ,talk to citizens in order to take their view point and find solutions to it .Students while collecting information on the problem and the policies of the government are actually discerning , sifting , and applying knowledge already available to help solve problems that they visualise as serious enough to need attention . Six months of rigorous working boosts the confidence and morale of the students involved .

They showcase their work on the national platform,in the form of presentations which is based on disciplined enquiry which is a part and parcel of project citizen from its inception to its completion . In the year 2008 Uttam School For Girls basked in the sunshine of success and glory after receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award for the project on Women empowerment .
  2010. Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad
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