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    Our Philosophy
At Uttam School, we lay stress on imparting quality education to achieve the physical, mental and spiritual potential which is latent in each child. It is of prime importance to instill in her the qualities, values and attitudes for her success, by becoming a good citizen as well as a good human being.

Along with these values the child needs to be taught to develop a spirit of initiative and independence, yet at the same time retain a respect for laws, institutions and norms which are the foundation of a healthy social order

The reason the School is exclusively for girls is because the world today requires a woman to be so much more than being a model daughter, wife and mother. For this, a special kind of education is required. Education which will :- 
  • Equip her to realise her personal potential.
  • Empower her with moral and spiritual wealth to face life s challenges.
  • Inspire her to contribute to the betterment of the world.
  • Help her retain her essential femininity, grace and dignity.

  2010. Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad
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