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    Holistic Camp (2014-15) Grade V
The grade V students had a soulful experience at the holistic camp on 26th April, 2014 within the school premises where they got an opportunity to connect to their inner self and revel in the culture of their nation once again. The theme for the camp was Panchbhoota - The five elements and the idea was to awaken in the students the sensitivity towards the significance of these five elements in making the very core of their being.

Their day began with the meditation and yoga sessions where they were introduced to the Panchbhoota and learned various asanas to stimulate these elements within their bodies. The students were them given Nimboopaani which they enjoyed in complete silence.

The art and craft teachers of the school then conducted a workshop in Visual Arts focussing on hands on activities related to panchatatva and its depiction through different mediums. The students had a wonderful time playing with sculpture clay and turning it into a basket signifying the importance of the earth element within them.

The lecture demonstration in performing arts that followed, displayed the subtle differences between the two major dance forms of India- Kathak and Oddysi based on the representation of the Panchatatva

While the students enjoyed holistic food they were informed about the importance and advantage of having food based on their body types. The entire experience was very fulfilling and refreshing for the students and left them asking for more.
  2010. Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad
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