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    Earth Day
The primary wing of Uttam School for Girls celebrated the Earth Day on 20st April 2018 where students from grade 1-5 participated in the Science Exhibition. This exhibition gave an opportunity to the students to do research and study and learn more about the different kinds of natural disasters. All the classes were given different kinds of natural disasters to exhibit and the students were actively involved in discussions in order to enable them to draw an interest to a channelled line of thinking and inquiry. This gave them a direction to further scientific investigation by drawing a hypothesis. The students collected data in order to come to a conclusion.

The students of grade 1 researched on the causes, effects and the measures to be taken during an earthquake. They created 3D models, posters and shared videos and pictures related to the topic.

The grade 2 students showcased their research on ‘Different kinds of Floods’ and its effect on the people.

Through simple Science projects the students of grade 3 showcased different stages of volcanoes, landforms created by volcanoes and the types of volcanic eruptions. Budding young scientists made a working model showing volcanic eruptions using a combination of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

Students of grade 4 researched and found answers to questions regarding cyclones. They showcased the causes, effects and types of cyclones through posters, 3D models and PowerPoint presentations. They also highlighted the various ways to help people in case of natural disasters.

The students from grade 5 made working models on landslides showing how it is caused. They created awareness on the importance of planting trees through posters. There was extensive research and discussion done on the topic in the class and students came up with solutions to prevent landslides It was an enjoyable and a learning experience for all the students which helped them to work collaboratively and research and find answers to various questions in a scientific manner.
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