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The Xseed curriculum is followed in pre-primary and primary classes in English, Science, Mathematics and Social Science. It is a proven and research based academic program that builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children. This methodology equips children to ask more questions, to write in their own words, to enjoy doing word problems in mathematics, to complete their homework on their own and not to be afraid to speak-up in English.
The classroom session along with learning is a fun filled experience for the children. The teachers follow the 5-Step Teaching Method which includes the ‘AIM’ that clearly states the learning goal so the students know beforehand what they will learn, ‘ACTION’ where students are involved in an activity to experience concepts first-hand and understand their use and application in real life, ‘ANALYSIS’ which is the reflection on the experience and probing questions are asked to uncover and understand the concept further, ‘APPLICATION’ where the students solve questions in the workbook to solidify understanding and build skills and the final one is the ‘ASSESSMENT’ which gives a real-time feedback on conceptual understanding and applied thinking in order to improve performance. The assessment is of both skills and conceptual understanding. Students develop the skills of comparing and sorting, reasoning, inferring and interpreting, observing and analysing, reading and comprehension to name a few. The children have application practice workbooks for every subject in addition to text book.
To make learning a joyful experience the concept of ‘Flip classroom’ is used where video links to the lessons are shared with the students and videos are viewed by them at home before the class session. A discussion on the topic is done in the classroom.
There are smart classes where technology is innovatively used to improve the learning outcomes for children through interactive learning. Students get to see videos, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets in the form of interactive games which enhances the learning experience.

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